Best of the Blog – Performance Horizon End of Year Review.

Dec 21, 2016
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We hope everyone had a successful and prosperous 2016! To wrap things up, we looked back at some of our most popular blog posts from the year and collected the top seven here to provide a quick review of the data, insights and customer success stories our readers found most useful and informative. Happy holidays and we’ll see you again in 2017!

1. Benchmarking Performance Marketing in the Travel Industry 

Together with WBR Digital, we put together a report to examine the digital travel industry including the adoption and management of performance marketing programs such as digital partner marketing alongside other marketing tactics including search, email, social media, re-targeting, and more.

2. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Trends to Watch

For retailers who have taken direct control of their partner and affiliate marketing programs, the prospect of executing a successful Black Friday strategy across a variety of partners and affiliates can be particularly daunting. This year, we looked at our own data warehouse to identify key trends in retail sales and some learnings to share with you from Q4 last year.

3. Benchmarking Performance Marketing in the Retail Industry

It’s no surprise that cutthroat competition has increased pressure for retailers to drive both customer acquisition and retention. We partnered with WBR Digital again to examine the retail industry including the adoption and management of performance marketing programs such as digital partner marketing alongside other marketing tactics including search, email, social media, re-targeting, and more.

4. How Optimized Partner and Affiliate Marketing & Increased Profitability

In 2016, global online travel agency (part of the Expedia Group) began working with Performance Horizon to track, measure, and reward a variety of their marketing partners and affiliates across seven geographic markets. Leveraging Performance Horizon’s technology enabled ebookers to improve their efficiency and make their partner and affiliate marketing program more profitable. 
The modern marketing department is rapidly shifting from cost to profit center, and marketers are scrambling to understand and use data to optimize outcomes. This drive for measurable outcomes along with continued growth in global e-commerce means marketers must now seriously evaluate the strategy and technologies they use to drive growth. We shared three major considerations when taking control of performance marketing programs.
It’s getting easier and easier for consumers to book travel and accommodations when and where they want, and mobile increasingly leads the way. Most consumers are unaware that they get this seamless experience thanks to something behind the scenes – application programming interfaces (APIs). We shared how booking APIs drive change and how all parties – such as travel brands, digital marketing partners, publishers and consumers – benefit from an increased investment and integration of online and mobile booking APIs.
Traditionally, “partners” referred to affiliates, but today’s digital marketing ecosystem includes a wider range of partners including aggregators, metapartners, media partners, comparison shopping engines, mobile apps and social media. Data is the key that allows both brands and marketing partners to optimize campaigns and drive revenues. We shared three data factors you must consider to achieve measurable results and uncover the effectiveness and value that marketing partners drive through various online and mobile channels.

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